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Interview with Koti Hu

Discover the Passions That is Behind
This Talented Asian Pacific American Christian Artist
Part 2 of 3 Pages



US ASIANS: At your website, you stated the following - "I want for those around me and those who hear the music which overflows from my heart, to hear not just melodies and lyrics, but a redefinition for this generation of the truth which is found in living a life which worships God."

Could you elaborate on how you came to becoming a Christian?

KOTI HU: I became a Christian on July 1, 1997 at JH Ranch in Etna, CA. It was during a cabin discussion midway through the camp that I really understood the Gospel. I still play there annually for the same camp put on by the same church.

US ASIANS: What church do you attend?

KOTI HU: Right now, it is between a few, but my community is at Westminster Chapel in Bellevue, WA. That’s the church that put on the camp at JH Ranch.

US ASIANS: What motivating factors prompted you to become a Christian?

KOTI HU: I would simply say that I had tried everything else I could think of. Everything else just didn’t last.

US ASIANS: What is your definition of a Christian?

KOTI HU: A person who believes that Jesus Christ is Lord, and ultimately seeks to do whatever He asks and follow Him wherever He leads.

Fifteen Original Songs
Eight Bands

Audience of One: A Worship Compilation CD. is produced by Theophany Music.

This CD explores the different types of rock/alternative worship music from groups such Koti Hu, Something Like Silas, The Exodus, Losing Daylight, Of the 7, The Exodus & Theophany Worship Band.


US ASIANS: Who are your Christian role models?

KOTI HU: I have many. My first and probably most important were two guys, Kurt and Larry. They each played an important role in showing me how to listen to God and obey Him. They also taught me the importance of humility.

US ASIANS: How would you describe your Christian lifestyle?

KOTI HU: I strive with my community of believers to live in the world, but not of the world. This means that we don’t avoid being with people that Christians aren’t typically thought to associate with.

I feel called as a missionary to this culture. I believe in having open conversations and relationships with all kind of people .

I rely heavily on humbling myself in order to stay on target. I’m a huge failure in so many ways that to be pretentious and to fake like I’m cool and everything is fine gets really old, fast.

US ASIANS: What is your perspective(s) and/or perceived differences between the Asian/Chinese, Asian Pacific American and American churches/Christian organizations? Especially since the Chinese immigrant churches are growing rapidly, Asian American churches are remaining “status quo” and selected American churches are experiencing noticeable growth in their respective congregations.

KOTI HU: I would say as a generalization, many Asians are really good at community. That is to say that they really stick together in a way that I would say is rarer in other churches.

US ASIANS: How and where did you discover your love for music?

KOTI HU: When I was 10, I remember buying the Boyz II Men, “Cooleyhighharmony”(sp?) tape from a friend in elementary school. It was the first tape I ever bought and I loved it. I also remember listening to groups like Jodeci, and Shai, Mr. Big etc. Their hit songs were really the beginning of my passion for music. Before that I had never really explored my vocal ability. I had only played Violin and a bit of Piano.

US ASIANS: How, why and where did you get trained in opera, Broadway and jazz?

KOTI HU: My freshman year of high school, some friends of mine roped me into performing in a play called “Bye, Bye Birdie”. I played Conrad Birdie, a pseudo Elvis Presley character. I met a vocal coach during this show and studied with him for about 5 years.

US ASIANS: What operas and/or Broadway-type productions were you involved in?

KOTI HU: I performed operatic pieces for a few years, but was never fully involved in any opera productions. It was more just for training, not really what I wanted to sing. I performed in many Broadway style productions; Westside Story, Annie, Guys and Dolls, You Can’t Take It With You, Fiddler On the Roof, and a few others.

US ASIANS: What parts of your music training broaden your music appreciation to include country, rock and hip-hop?

KOTI HU: That was something that developed apart from any training. Having been classically trained on the violin and voice, It was a welcome departure for me from traditional styles. Also, as I began to play guitar, it really affected my musical tastes. I like good music. It’s not limited to genre or language even.

US ASIANS: Do you envision yourself in becoming a rock/operatic artist such as Roy Orbison, Jon Anderson, etc.?

KOTI HU: I love Roy Orbison! He was part of my “Oldies” phase in middle school. I would really enjoy that, but I’m not certain if that will ever be my main focus.

US ASIANS: Do you co-write all your songs?

KOTI HU: I wrote all of the songs on my debut album, except for one cover and one co-written with one of my best friends. I write a LOT of songs. For each one recorded, I’d say there are 5 more unrecorded.


Koti Hu

US ASIANS: Within your vision, do you have a goal to be a “lightning rod” for positive changes and/or illumination of selected issues that people need to be aware of?

KOTI HU: Yes. I want fund artists who are talented yet have no support. I want to help talented independent musicians. There are other things that I won’t go into here.

US ASIANS: Do you envision utilizing your craft along the lines of many artists in the 1960’s that evoked their passions/views that are related to the historic events that are happening in the world today? If so, how?

KOTI HU: I won’t ever pretend that I have a cause to fight for. I care about a lot of things, just like everyone. But I will wait until I have enough information and passion to back it up before I begin throwing out my opinions. If something came along that I felt strongly about, I would be more than happy to lend my gifts to support it.


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